Rapid Plastic Injection Moulding

We offer you small and medium series of injection moulding products in record leadtimes with the most competitive toolcost in the industry, 100% made-in-Belgium.

Who we are ?

We are a dynamic company offering low & medium series of injection moulded products to a wide array of industries. Thanks to our innovative tooling approach, your products are delivered within days of your initial order.

100% made-in-Belgium

To create world where a designer is only limited by his creativity

"Low & Medium Series of injection moulded products"

We Live Our Strategy

Through the use of new approaches & technology to create injection moulds we create the perfect link between different production technologies.

"We keep on pushing the limits"

So, Why Choose us as a partner ?

Our processes offer you record breaking production times 
counted in days rather than weeks. Simplify design and project planning through delivery of parts when you need them, almost without waiting.

We always offer the best solution for your project. No matter what type of injection moulding tool is choosen, our operational model guarantees the most competitive prices in the industry without compromises.

Multiple designs for the same part. We offer you injection moulded or printed parts even in very low volumes. A one-stop-shop for prototyping, pilot runs and production series in the materials you need.

Next to the production of your parts we also offer training and consultancy your designers & engineers in order to be able to use our technology to create the most economical solution for your needs in terms of cost and lifetime.

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